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The success of an organization hinges on the people who work there. Bringing together the best managers and executives through executive search is essential in a world with fierce competition for talent and leadership...

For more than fifty years, Boer & Croon has been finding senior talent for ambitious organizations. We provide executive search, assessments, and leadership advisory services to organizations seeking the best senior professionals to drive their business forward. Executive search is our expertise; with it, we serve more than twenty private and public industries. We deliver valuable insights into business trends and success factors with our team of one hundred (associate) partners and their teams.

Boer & Croon is a progressive executive search firm with extensive senior management experience. In addition to executive search, we offer interim solutions for organizations needing temporary leadership. We find the candidate who fits the ambitions and culture of the organization with the proper knowledge, experience, personality, and leadership qualities. Boer & Croon has experience in every industry and social sector.

The match that works

Our team is mainly asked to use executive search to fill administrative (C-level) and senior management positions in general management, commerce, operations and finance. In addition, through our executive search services, we are active in HR, digital, private equity, healthcare, corporate finance and the public sector. We also select suitable candidates for supervisory positions (Supervisory Board or Supervisory Board) through executive search.

Boer & Croon stands for a pragmatic approach to executive search, where the person is central. Our knowledge of developments within organizations and industries enables us to quickly find and fill the ideal director, non-executive director, senior manager, or senior management position.

This eliminates the need to deal with an interim management agency, an executive search firm, and a consulting firm. Boer & Croon is one of the few management consulting organizations that can offer this integrated service in the Netherlands.

We believe it is essential to contribute to the reflection of society at the top of organizations. We have been closely involved in several diversity initiatives for years and are one of the founding partners of the Executive Search Code of

Medium-sized companies

Boer & Croon has an extensive network of professionals at the senior management level and the two management layers below. These professionals have the right competencies to set up and execute a successful long-term strategy. They are all ambitious people who can make a company the best performer in its market segment.

Private equity-owned

Boer & Croon helps you select entrepreneurial executives and fill critical positions when investing in a new company or when Private Equity acquires your organisation.

We support the development of a strategic team. This allows your organisation to make informed decisions about the restructuring process that will enhance its growth potential. Focus on growth, increased dynamism and quick results are keywords in this respect. Or as Boer & Croon's slogan goes: 'Get it done!'

Our senior professionals understand that the cooperation between the portfolio company and the Private Equity firm is crucial for a successful buy & build strategy.

From start-up to scale-up

Your start-up has developed and built a successful business model. This entails several crucial next steps: building and professionalising the management team, optimising business processes and accelerating profitable growth.

Boer & Croon is helping scale this up with executive search and leadership development. This allows you to attract entrepreneurial candidates for critical positions on the one hand and to develop your current team in a talent-oriented way on the other.

Team coaching

An external coach from Boer & Croon offers a solution when an organisation is not functioning optimally or team interaction is not running smoothly. Our senior consultants help streamline cooperation within the organisation and show the most effective ways of motivating and providing feedback.

Executive assessment

Boer & Croon supports clients in optimising the management team. The in-house qualities are mapped out with an executive assessment at the individual team organisational levels. This way, we clarify which additional competencies are needed to achieve future objectives.

Executive Search agency for the healthcare sector

Boer & Croon has a long tradition of matching candidates for health and youth care organizations. We find the most suitable supervisors, directors and board members.

Our subsidiary, Vanderkruijs, partners in executive search for non-profit and (semi)public organizations and works closely with Boer & Croon's search teams. Vanderkruijs's specialty is the selection and recruitment of directors and supervisors.

Want to know more?

Whether you need a chief operations officer, a senior manager, an interim HR project manager, or a supply chain interim assignment, our team works for both large corporates' and medium-sized (family) companies' top positions. Do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to come and have a cup of coffee.

Frequently asked questions

Hoe verschilt executive search van interim-management?

Executive search richt zich op het vinden van vaste managementposities, terwijl interim management tijdelijke managers inzet voor specifieke opdrachten, waarbij flexibiliteit en expertise cruciaal zijn.

Wat onderscheidt Boer & Croon's 'executive search' van andere bureaus in Amsterdam?

Onze 'executive search' benadering is uniek omdat we een combinatie van ervaren voormalig strategy consultants en gespecialiseerde hr executive search professionals inzetten. Dit stelt ons in staat om zowel de strategische als de HR-aspecten van een rol te begrijpen, wat resulteert in het vinden van de perfecte match voor zowel kandidaat als organisatie.

Wat zijn de voordelen van het gebruik van een Executive Search-bureau ten opzichte van interne wervingsinspanningen?

Ons uitgebreide netwerk en ervaring in het vinden van hooggekwalificeerde kandidaten voor senior managementposities, wat tijd en middelen bespaart voor jouw bedrijf.

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