The Supply Chain Control Tower

How this solution prevents you from losing customers and improving your competitive position


It is already a widely known concept in the logistics world, but it differs in all shapes and sizes in how far this can go, and with that, what it can deliver. Boer & Croon has a ready-made solution that delivers a concrete product with fast (measurable) results with the organization and its people. This article will further address common problems and challenges for organizations in their supply chain goals, as well as the effect that supply chain disruptions can have on direct business operations. Then we will discuss our use case and the customized approach of Boer & Croon. We wish you a lot of reading pleasure and are happy to talk to you if you are interested!

Problems and challenges in achieving supply chain goals

Market research has shown (Gartner; 2017) that there are a number of topics that top executives encounter primarily in achieving their supply chain goals. This is largely business related, but also more specifically supply chain, tech and externally related factors. Below is an overview of all obstacles that are shaded in red for which the Supply Chain Control Tower from Boer & Croon offers a solution. Do you recognize these topics within your own organization? Then keep reading!

Disruptions in the supply chain and the consequences thereof

With the developments between the USA and China, climate change, a possible upcoming recession and growing scarcity of important raw materials, the risks of disruptions in the supply chain are becoming ever greater and more evident. To cope with this, there is a need for “information at your fingertips”, especially in this time where data is becoming increasingly important and dealing with it can make a difference in the market. Implementing a Control Tower ensures that the supply chain can be controlled with greater certainty and that any negative consequences of global and local developments can be mitigated quickly and efficiently.

Results of a Supply Chain Control Tower

A recent case from Boer & Croon within the high-tech sector has led to measurable results and a wealth of qualitative benefits, such as a better competitive position, higher employee satisfaction and higher customer confidence, i.e. customer loyalty. Ultimately, it ensures that the various links in the chain also recognize the added value of this solution, respond to it and then also bring more “business” along with it! These concrete results provide a great added value of the solution on the organization.

Operation of the Supply Chain Control Tower

The Control Tower responds to every step of the supply chain, from forecasting and customer needs to delivery and installation. It ensures that all information is available in real time with an audit trail that facilitates and accelerates continuous improvement. Through the dashboard it is possible to look at one specific order all the way up to the highest supply chain level, and thus acted quickly, or take decisions swiftly. It ensures that all links in the supply chain can work together effectively, efficiently and especially with less frustration to ultimately meet customer needs as best as possible. Furthermore, it provides the possibility to be able to focus on “foresight” with reliable forecasting in addition to “hindsight” and “insight”, which enables the organisation to deal with disruptions in a supply chain even better. In this way a true competitive advantage is developed, with higher customer and employee satisfaction, and it also ensures immediate financial results.

The implementation approach of Boer & Croon

The implementation can be carried out in phases and will always be done in consultation with the customer. An overview of the phases as shown below will be discussed, after which it will become clear what exactly the customer needs and till what phase the commitment will be made. It is not necessary to go through all phases, but it is possible to stop after, for example, phase 2 or 3. Our approach ensures that results will be achieved immediately in every phase of the implementation, regardless of the customer’s needs. For further details about our approach and to be sure that it is tailored to your needs, we would like to invite you to a personal meeting to discuss the options.


With the Supply Chain Control Tower, a solution is offered that can be applied in a wide range of sectors, including: high-tech electronics, manufacturing, shipbuilding and maritime, FMCG, trade, logistics services and even healthcare.

Interested in the possibilities for improving your supply chain, to offer your customers added value or to gain competitive advantage through the Supply Chain Control Tower? Haico Spijkerboer, Jan Roodenburg and Pim van Asperen are more than happy to tell you more about it!

Contact Haico (Partner) via e-mail or via phone: +31 (0) 6 31 76 36 96.
Contact Jan (Associate Partner – SME) via +31 (0) 6 11 24 08 08.
Contact Pim (Manager) via e-mail or via +31 (0) 6 15 26 30 04.


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