Young Executives

As a Young Executive at Boer & Croon, you make change possible. You are the young talent that solves organizational issues, connects people and makes a real impact.

"Boer & Croon's Young Executive program has helped me take the next step in my career."

Sophie van Hoenselaar, Young Executive

Why B&C?

Boer & Croon gives way to experienced leadership and young talent. We form a special group with exceptional qualities. There is a flat culture at Boer & Croon where everyone likes to think together. We are looking for specific knowledge with an emphasis on personality.


Everyone at Boer & Croon is socially strong and possesses a healthy dose of organizational knowledge. Within our company, we also have an eye for each other. We are open, friendly, and involved: the ideal sparring partner in business and a social facilitator. We love in-depth analyses and partying.
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Marike Opdracht


Your resume is important, however your character is more important. We are particularly interested in your motives, experiences and personal development. Of course, your knowledge and references are also key, but with us personality is the deciding factor. What our Young Executives share in common is an authentic & strong personality.

Your growth is our growth

Are you motivated to improve organizations and learn new things every day? Then you will feel right at home with us. We like involved and driven people. We always try to be that ourselves. We believe that you learn the most when you gain direct practical experience. In the Young Executive program, you will complete challenging assignments and also follow the extensive Management Development program with training in soft and hard skills, intervision and coaching.

At Boer & Croon, you are allowed to dive straight into the deep end. We immediately entrust you with challenging assignments that give you a high degree of independence. You make the difference. Together with your client, you create solutions and ways to realize them. Whatever you come up with, you will also implement and execute yourself.

Each assignment is related to one of our Solutions and falls into one of these four areas:
  • Project management
  • Process management
  • Interim management
  • Advice
In your final phase as a Young Executive, we work together towards your next career step. For example in our own network or as a Manager at Boer & Croon.
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of our Young Executives advance to the role of Manager

Application Process

Have you become enthusiastic to start working as a Young Executive at Boer & Croon? Good to hear! Below you will find all the information about the steps of our application process.

We try to complete the entire application process in about 4-5 weeks. The start date is usually on the 1st of the month. Any further questions about the application process? Then please contact our recruitment department:
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Wies copy
Suzanne Lei
Sophie van Hoenselaar
Sarah copy
Robin Betten
Mirte Koutstaal
Max Hunfeld
Mara copy
Maarten Acda
Lara copy
Josephine Bollen
Jonathan van Raaij
Jochem Gieles
Inge copy
Gwen Haayen
Frederique van Helsdingen
Eugenie copy
Elsje de Jong
Daan Picckers
Akshay Bakas
Kees copy
Anouk copy
Björn copy
Freek copy
Lisette copy
Inelise copy
Hugo copy
Jip copy
Tjeu copy
Tycho copy
William copy
Thomas copy
Ravi copy
Rianne copy
Stefan copy
Thimo copy
Sterre copy

  • Step 1: Upload your CV & motivation letter
  • Step 2: Coffee date
  • Step 3: First Interview
  • Step 4: E-assessment
  • Step 5: Second Interview
  • Step 6: Last assessment round

Apply via this link. Upload your CV and answer two motivational questions: "Why are you interested in Boer & Croon?" and "What interests you in the role of Manager?". We find it especially interesting to hear why you fit in at Boer & Croon.


Apply immediately!

External collaborations

Are you a board member at a study or student organization and do you think it would be interesting to work with us? Please email us at