Working at Boer & Croon



Boer & Croon opens the way for experienced leadership and young talent. We constitute a special group of talented people with exceptional qualities. Who can be quickly mobilised and of great value in a wide range of situations and organisations. We believe in a tailor-made approach. A client is not only looking for a certain kind of knowledge, but most of all for a type of personality. There is a horizontal culture at Boer & Croon where everyone is happy to share ideas with each other.

Boer & Croon Business Case 2023

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Booking results together through critically thinking and acting entrepreneurially.


Our culture is a healthy combination of professional and informal. There are regularly inspiring knowledge evenings, you can participate in one of our task forces and there is room to work on Corporate Social Responsibility. Of course there are also regular sports and drinks.
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Critical thinking, entrepreneurial action

Your CV is important, your character more important. We are looking for experience and knowledge, but especially people who are truly motivated to develop and gain more knowledge. "Learn it alls" instead of "Know it alls". Boer & Croon is looking for people who are and remain curious.

We seek the right perspective to guarantee the best result. We think critically about collaboration and we push hard to seize opportunities. We always focus on returns, so we invest continuously in our people and our networks. Together, we deliver tangible and sustainable results in complex environments. We always think critically and act entrepreneurially.