Meet Aniek Hollanders, manager of People & Change since 2022 (1.5 years). She makes an impact by supporting companies in HR professionalisation, change management and talent development. 

Aniek bewerkt

Working at Boer & Croon

You work in a team, People & Change. What do you deal with?

'At People & Change, we focus on the human side of organisations. We help companies get the best out of their employees, with a special focus on productivity and talent development. We focus on professionalising the HR column, change management, performance management, culture and leadership. These themes make my work interesting and valuable because they allow you to make a real impact within organisations. Take (personal) leadership, which is crucial. The quality of leadership becomes visible in all the surrounding layers. At Boer & Croon, we believe that good leaders continue to develop themselves and create an environment where employees can grow and excel. I find it valuable to be able to contribute to this with a new client each time.'  

What was the main reason for working at Boer & Croon?

'I got to know Boer & Croon through the informal route and became curious. During an acquaintance, I immediately felt a personal click. I also learned that Boer & Croon has an extensive network of professionals. Experts in executive search, interim managers, partners with diverse expertise, (former) clients, and, of course, your immediate colleagues. During assignments, the network provides solid backing: if I encounter a risk or a new issue during an assignment, there is always someone within Boer & Croon who can help me or at least exchange thoughts. That gives me much confidence, making it easier to jump into the deep end myself.'  


Springboard for the future

'You learn a lot quickly by actively sparring with Boer & Croon's network. In addition, Boer & Croon offers a Management Development programme. You will receive supportive training applicable to your level during your career as a Manager. Think of skills in the areas of advice, leadership and problem analysis. In addition to your assignment, you will think about advancing your career with your partner. If you need assignments in a certain direction, you will examine your solution with your partner to see how to get this done. And spreading the word also helps here: it helps if as many people as possible know your wishes and needs so that they can think of you first when an opportunity arises. In this way, Boer & Croon is a springboard for the future,' says Aniek.  

Do you have any tips for people who find networking more difficult?

"Besides the network Boer & Croon offers, I enjoy surrounding myself with a diverse circle of people. In recent years, I learned that investing in your network is incredibly important and fun. The golden tip? A common mistake is that some people think they can reap anywhere without sowing. Stay away from the so-called quick win, but build relationships, which are much more valuable. Take the first step yourself, and invest in people you are also genuinely interested in. Networking as a trick doesn't work, at least not for me.  

In addition, get to know people inside and outside your organisation. When you first meet someone, look for common interests and ask questions you really want answers to. This creates a connection and helps build a genuine rapport. Don't be afraid of rank and file either: everyone is (thankfully!) human and once started at the bottom of the ladder. You build a strong network by getting to know each other's drives and desires and being able to help each other out with them. And finally, a very important one: maintain your network. Feel free to approach old contacts again. If you have an accurate click with someone, people often enjoy hearing from you, even after a long time. And who knows what you can help that person with again!'