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Veerle Dietz

Veerle Dietz

Connecting I Down-to-earth I Positive I Communicative I Creative I Results-oriented

Veerle is fascinated by the psychological aspects of human behaviour. She enjoys having in-depth conversations to get to the bottom of people's motivations and beliefs. Her ability to understand team dynamics and assess which people fit best within a team make her a valuable asset to YESS. She is excited about the opportunities she gets here to be personally and substantively involved in matching candidates and advising clients.

Her interest in people and team dynamics led her to complete a bachelor's degree in psychology (UU) and a master's in Social Influence (UvA). To complete her studies, she did an internship at Deloitte, where she worked on projects to improve team effectiveness and develop interventions based on psychological factors and team dynamics. Besides her studies, she worked as an instructor at a team-building company, where she organised leadership trainings and outdoor activities.

Besides her work, Veerle likes to be active in yoga, enjoys nature, and loves adventure and creative activities, such as painting and playing the piano.

Bachelor: Psychology (UU)
Master: Social Influence (UvA)