Consultant Finance & Technology

Sofie Beekers

Sofie Beekers

During her bachelor, Sofie developed a passion for technological topics that interface with society. During her masters, she went on exchange to Copenhagen University and studied AI law, followed by an academic internship in the field of semi-automated decision-making.

Sofie is not afraid to take the reins and was chairman of the board of the Leiden Legal Advice Centre. She is analytically strong, very curious, and wants to develop her breadth in business assignments with a technological component. Her most recent work experience was as a data analyst for an innovative strategy for Gasunie.

In her spare time, she likes to party and exercise. She prefers to start each day fresh by running a lap in the park hard.

Bachelor: Law (Leiden University)
Master: L.L.M. Encyclopaedia and Philosophy of Law (Leiden University), L.L.M. International Technology Law (Free University)