Young Executive

Sebastiaan van den Berg

Sebastiaan van den Berg

Sebastiaan is a driven and results-oriented go-getter who has earned his international business and digital innovation spurs. With a background in International Business from the University of Groningen and a master's degree in Digital Business and Innovation from VU University Amsterdam, he has a solid academic foundation to support his entrepreneurial spirit and analytical skills.

Sebastiaan has proven to be people-oriented in his professional and personal life. As former president of the Student Consultancy Group in Groningen, he has gained valuable leadership experience, with his positive attitude and ability to motivate others being notable characteristics. He does not shy away from challenges and always strives to keep learning and growing.

Sebastiaan shares his enthusiasm in his free time by being active with friends and family. He is passionate about cooking and dining, preferably with dishes from rich Italian cuisine. In addition to his love for cooking, Sebastiaan shares his interest in sports. He enjoys playing soccer and tennis with friends in his free time.