Manager Strategy & Transformation

Sanne Sibbald

Sanne Sibbald

Results-oriented | Analytical | Committed | Connecting | Driven

Sanne is a driven team player who does not avoid challenges. With her open and sincere attitude, she likes to engage in conversation, easily connects, and quickly finds her place within an organisation. Sanne derives satisfaction from achieving joint results and enjoys working on both the project-oriented and the people-oriented side of transformation. Her contagious energy and drive make her proactive, and her pragmatism enables her to achieve tangible results quickly.

Driven, Sanne took with her from her roles at NOC*NSF and the Ministry of Defence, where she focused on performance optimisation. She then moved to the healthcare sector as a project manager. In her assignments at Boer & Croon, Sanne has worked in various sectors, making her broadly applicable through projects in the hospital, at and Vesuvius.

Sanne also likes to set the bar high in her personal life. She plays hockey fanatically and has run two marathons. On weekends, she prefers to cook for a table full of friends and family.

Bachelor: Movement Sciences (University of Groningen)
Master: Sport Sciences Research Master / Human Movement Sciences (University of Groningen)