Young Executives

Roza Cihangir

Results-oriented | Passionate | Communicative | Connective | Eager to learn

Roza joined Boer & Croon as a Young Executive in May 2023. After her bachelor's degree in Psychology, Roza completed her master's degree in Consultancy & Organizational Development. Thanks to her people-oriented bachelor and organization-oriented master, she can apply her knowledge broadly within organizations. Roza also has knowledge on topics such as change management, leadership and conflict and cooperation within groups.

Roza conducted both quantitative and qualitative research at one of the largest banks in the Netherlands. Her research focused on mapping job satisfaction among software developers and advising on how to reduce turnover among this group.

Thanks to her contagious enthusiasm and motivating attitude, Roza naturally gets people on board. She is a team player and likes to take on a connecting role within a group. Besides being driven, sympathetic and eager to learn, Roza enjoys continuous learning and self-development. Roza is open to feedback and has a flexible attitude.

In her free time, Roza enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She also enjoys trying new things that challenge her and from which she can learn a lot such as motorcycling, salsa dancing, entrepreneurship and traveling alone.

BSc: Psychology (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
MSc: Consultancy & Organisational Development (Universiteit van Amsterdam)




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