Research Consultant

Rosemarie Egmond

Rosemarie Egmond

Analytical | Creative | Decisive | Empathic | Independent

Rosemarie joined Vanderkruijs as a Research Consultant in January 2023. Before that, she worked for a year and a half as a Research Analyst at market research agencies in both the public sector and the media. Here she conducted research projects in the field of (consumer) behavior and data analysis. She delivers valuable insights by approaching research with an inquisitive and open attitude.

Rosemarie is goal-oriented, helpful, and critical. She approaches issues from a human point of view and with an inquisitive attitude she likes to bite into new topics. In her free time, Rosemarie enjoys being creative, reading, and being active in nature.

Bachelor: (Social) Psychology, Utrecht University (minor Social Psychology, Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Master: Economic and Consumer Psychology (Leiden University)