Roel van Santen

Roel van Santen

Roel van Santen

Analytical - Decisive - Enthusiastic - Strategic - Social - Go-getter

Roel is someone who, at a young age, has gained quite some experience in the corporate world, doing internships at various large multinational firms. He did an internship in Atlanta at Elekta, a multinational specializing in radiotherapy and radiosurgery (to battle cancer), and wrote his bachelor thesis in Copenhagen at WS Audiology, the number two hearing aids producer worldwide. These experiences are a valuable practical addition to his bachelor’s and master’s programs: International Business Administration & International Business and Economics.

Roel can best be described as an enthusiastic professional. He is goal-oriented and possesses the analytical capabilities to reach his goals. Besides this, he is a very social person, and someone who has a good relationship with everyone, making him a real team player. Furthermore, Roel is eager to learn, and someone who gets to the bottom of each problem. Difficult assignments motivate him a lot, and there is not a challenge he walks away from.

Roel is a huge sports fan, he plays tennis and goes to the gym, besides this, he is a former soccer player and bigger soccer enthusiast. Furthermore, Roel likes to hang out with his friends and travel with his friends.

Bachelor: International Business Administration (Universiteit of Twente)
Master: International Business and Economics, track: International Management (Utrecht University)



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