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Robert Verkroost

Robert Verkroost

Robert is a Human Resources Director, experienced in service, financial, and logistics organisations. He has particular expertise in acquisitions, reorganisation, and integrations and in setting up an HR strategy with the complete HR processes and tools for it.

Robert first started at Berendsen, a large textile service provider. Here, he found out that it pays to give employees more responsibilities. After this, Robert became HR director at GGN, the largest bailiffs' organisation in the Netherlands. He started a major harmonisation of the terms of employment of the 25 original partnerships, followed by large-scale restructuring and reorganisations.

In 2018, Robert was asked - via Boer & Croon - to join parcel service provider DPD as HR director. Here, among other things, he worked hard to ensure sufficient and stable capacity for the rapidly growing organisation. He managed that well, even in the Corona era, when people started ordering a lot more. A company that was already near the limits of its growth suddenly gained 40% volume.

Recently, Robert started teaching two days a week at Avans Hogeschool as an HR lecturer. The other three days he dedicates to interim assignments.

Robert enjoys running in the early morning. He also likes music and literature, but most of all he enjoys the company of friends and family

Education: P&O (Fontys University of Applied Sciences)