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Rob Rutten

Rob Rutten

Rob is a versatile HR Professional who gets things done. He joint Océ-Technologies as CHRO just after the acquisition by CANON and has extensive experience with small and medium sized (family) businesses. In telecom, transport, logistics and distribution, high-tech manufacturing, consumer goods, biotechnology, chemistry, responsible gambling, engineering & consultancy, both for B2B and B2C. In addition to his roles in HR, he gained experience as statutory director of an R&D and manufacturing company, director of pension funds and of an incubator, he advised an international technology-based recruitment agency. Through the proven combination of his corporate experience and interim work, Rob brings the best of both worlds into action.

He initiates and realizes necessary changes and knows how to quickly understand a business. Rob was responsible for digitalization and professionalization of HR, integrations, increasing agility, change processes, talent management, restructuring, workforce planning, leadership and culture development. He has wide ranging experience in adapting organizations due to changing market conditions and operational issues. He knows what may be going on behind the scenes and how these obstacles can be addressed and resolved.

He connects with stakeholders and gives the various parties insight and outlines their perspective. By doing so he helps management, employees, shareholders, works councils and unions to make choices that can count on support and keeps them to it. Because of his passion to achieve common goals, he manages teams in an effective, substantive and pragmatic way. Rob can best be characterized as a result-oriented initiator and team builder who has impact by leveraging his integrity, reliability, professionalism and hands-on drive. Education: Labour, Environmental and Corporate Life (Radboud University)