Manager Strategy & Transformation

Renske van Eijk

Renske van Eijk

Before joining Boer & Croon, Renske worked in the Support Team of a SaaS organisation. Here, she provided training to customers and carried out various projects, such as devising the incident management process and setting up a new CRM system. Eventually, she also started coordinating and supervising the Support Team.

Renske is characterised by her results-oriented approach. She is goal-oriented and efficient, always putting the organisation's interests first. She does this with great enthusiasm and an eye for the people around her. In doing so, she inspires confidence by expressing herself honestly and sincerely.

In her spare time, Renske can be found on her racing or spinning bike, running through Amsterdam, or while cooking a sumptuous dinner or drinks for her friends.

Bachelor: Management and Organisation Sciences (Amsterdam)
Master: Public Administration: Economics & Governance (Leiden University)