Young Executive

Pim Cramer

Pim Cramer

Analytical | Interactive | Unifying | Goal-oriented | Eager to learn

Before joining Boer & Croon, Pim worked as a Junior Consultant at a boutique consultancy, specialised in facilitating organisational change. Among other things, he provided training in team dynamics, communication, and strategy development.

Friendly, forceful, and open-minded. With this approach, Pim enjoys taking on projects. He knows how to get to the bottom of complex issues by combining curiosity and sharp analysis with strong enthusiasm. Hard on the content, soft on the relationship.

In his spare time, Pim enjoys cooking with and for friends and family. He is also involved in (inter)national politics and can regularly be found in the boxing gym.

Bachelor: Business Administration (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Master: Organisational Change and Consulting (Erasmus University Rotterdam)