Senior Manager Finance & Technology

Philip van Manen

Philip van Manen

Philip has over a decade of experience in the institutional asset management sector, particularly within the pension industry. With eight years of risk management experience, he is well-versed in identifying, assessing, and managing risks within financial institutions. In addition, Philip has extensive experience in implementing and coordinating asset transitions and onboarding asset managers. Moreover, Philip has experience in the day-to-day management of custodians. He understands custodians' crucial role in asset management and custody and has experience coordinating and prioritising their activities and ensuring smooth operational cooperation.

He enjoys social settings and draws energy from frequent contact with others. Philip typically directs, providing clear direction and openly sharing his opinions. He works towards his goals with energy and at a fast pace, always with a cheerful attitude.

Philip is curious. He is interested in a wide range of topics and is always exploring. When it comes to problems, Philip is solution-oriented and pragmatic. He stays down-to-earth and strives to keep things simple without adding unnecessary complexity.

Philip lives with his family in Eemnes. Outside work, he can often be found at the gym, along the football pitch line or at a social get-together.