Manager Operations

Olan Lumbantobing

Analytical | Helpful | Commercial | Coaching

In the position of Manager of Operations, Olan will be able to devise and implement improvement measures and contribute to the further development of the solution. He derives great satisfaction from mapping and organizing processes in a more efficient way. It helps that he can act commercially; he shows that he is cost-conscious and able to respond to commercial opportunities. Moreover, he is good at quickly understanding information and then making concrete recommendations.

His people-oriented approach also stands out in a positive way; he has great empathy and enjoys helping others. He stimulates the development of others, shows a genuine interest in the development needs of people in his team and offers a helping hand in the process. He contributes constructively to a working atmosphere where there is room for improvements and new ideas. He is eager to learn and open to feedback.

His CV includes the current position as Manager Operations at Boer & Croon and previous positions as Project Manager Supply Chain at Flink and Supply Chain Manager at Otrium.

On weekends, he enjoys running around his city of Amsterdam.

Bachelor: International Business, University of Groningen

Master: International Business, University of Groningen




Everyone at Boer & Croon has a healthy dose of organisational know-how and excellent social skills. Proactive, interactive, and unifying. We also look out for one other at Boer & Croon. We are open, friendly, and engaged. We are a mix of proven experienced and impassioned top talent: your ideal sparring partner in business, but also real social movers and shakers. We love to tackle challenging issues, but we also love a party.

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