Manager People & Change

Noortje Havenga

Noortje Havenga

Analytical | Enthusiastic | Customer-oriented | Binding | Result-oriented

Noortje is Manager People & Change at Boer & Croon. She lived in Leiden for several years and studied at Leiden University. After obtaining her Master's, Noortje moved to Amsterdam. At that time, she started her career as an intern at Nestlé and then as an Account Manager at L'Oréal Netherlands. While at L'Oréal, she worked for several supermarkets and was responsible for business development, marketing and sales.

Noortje's strong interest in human behaviour and enthusiasm for solving complex organisational issues brought her to Frisse Blikken, where she started working as a Project Manager. At Frisse Blikken, she enjoyed leading various projects aimed at developing and motivating employees. She gained experience at multiple organisations and in different sectors, including ASML, Boskalis, Essent and Inholland.

In her spare time, Noortje enjoys being in the kitchen to bring family and friends together. She has a passion for interiors and can often be found at home, doing odd jobs.

Bachelor Psychology - Leiden University
Master Economic & Consumer Psychology - Leiden University