Young Executive

Myrthe van Rijckevorsel van Kessel

Myrthe van Rijckevorsel van Kessel

Proactive | Helpful | Enthusiastic | Flexible | Result-oriented

During her bachelor, Myrthe studied in Hong Kong for half a year. In addition to her master she did a research project in South Korea. She wrote her thesis research at Nestle. In both studies, the topics and interests around food and sustainability clearly emerged. Her enthusiasm helps her achieve her goals. Myrthe is result-oriented, inventive in finding solutions and has a strong sense of responsibility.

Through various boards and management roles (including at Grandma's Soup and Athena Studies), Myrthe has gained leadership and organizational experience. Working with people goes well with Myrthe and she enjoys helping people.

In her spare time, Myrthe enjoys working in the kitchen. To turn her hobby into a business, she started a small-scale catering company with a friend. In addition, Myrthe enjoys sports.

Education: BSc International Business Administration and MSc Transport & Supply Chain Management at the (VU Amsterdam)