Manager Finance & Technology

Michelle Coenen

Michelle Coenen

Enthusiastic | Analytical | Leadership | Innovative | Structured

Michelle is Manager Finance & Technology at Boer & Croon. Michelle grew up in Oegstgeest and then moved to Rotterdam for her studies. In Rotterdam she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a double Master's degree in Management of Innovation and Accounting & Financial Management.

Michelle is an experienced professional with a background within the audit branch of KPMG. Her innovative approach enables her to not only develop strategic innovations but also successfully roll them out to other business units and customers. With her consulting experience and in-depth knowledge of financial processes, she provides valuable insights and strategic direction.

In her years of experience at KPMG, she has provided board members with advice. Her eye for quality and smooth communication means she gets people involved in change. Changing organizations by setting a good example is something that Michelle attaches great importance to.

In addition to her work, Michelle is very passionate about skiing, kickboxing and cycling. She is also passionate about music. And as soon as the sun shines and work permits, she can be found on her boat on the Westeinderplassen.

Bachelor: Business Administration (Rotterdam School of Management)
Master: Management of Innovation (Erasmus University Rotterdam
Master: Accounting & Financial Management (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Post-master: Register accountant (University of Amsterdam).