Manager Healthcare

Maxime Gits

Maxime Gits

Connective | Enthusiastic | Analytical | Reflective | Structured

Maxime has a heart for healthcare, which she has been working for over six years. During her time at Amsterdam UMC she has experienced great personal development and developed a strong reflective ability. She also gained a lot of knowledge and experience as a project leader and advisor to the Executive Board, focusing on the right care in the right place and partnerships in healthcare. Maxime loves challenges to keep growing in both her work and private life. In her role as manager at Boer & Croon, she takes an enthusiastic, open-minded, and structured approach.

In her free time, Maxime enjoys sports. The variety of different sports gives her a lot of pleasure and a challenge such as a half marathon is something she enjoys doing. She can also regularly be found in the hospitality industry with friends, family, and her husband. Maxime enjoys taking beautiful trips to discover the world, diving, hiking, skiing or just doing nothing at all. Her bookcase is full of travel guides, cookbooks, and personal development books.

Bachelor: Health Sciences (Maastricht University)
Master 1: Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management (Maastricht University)
Master 2: Health Sciences: Prevention & Public Health (Vrije Universiteit)