Senior Business Development Lead

Max Walda

Max Walda

After his bachelor Small Business & Retail Management, Max started at MediaMarkt Netherlands. Here he fulfilled various roles where his focus was on 'services and solutions' (read: adding value to products with services). This new central services strategy had a major impact on MediaMarkt's then decentralized business model.

Max continued his career at B&S Group. Here he was responsible for purchasing/assortment in stores (B&S Retail) at airports, cruise ships, and military bases. The pandemic soon took a very big impact on the company after which several reorganizations, optimizations, and changes followed. After the company entered a "pause mode" in the summer of 2020, he decided to start the full-time MBA program at Nyenrode, which he completed in the summer of 2021.

Bachelor Small Business & Retail Management (Hogeschool Rotterdam), MBA (Nyenrode Business University)