Young Executive

Matthijs Groothuizen

Matthijs Groothuizen

Resilient - Studious - Social - Independent - Enterprising

Matthijs started his career at a young age at CONO Kaasmakers in the Beemster. In his role as project manager, he was responsible for improving production processes, spotting new improvement potential and continuously improving the organization. The passion for production processes brought him to the Supply Chain & Operations Solution within Boer & Croon, after which he broadened his horizons on assignments within NS and Rijkswaterstaat. Nevertheless, Matthijs still prefers to be found on production sites.

Matthijs gets energy from working with others on concrete and feasible solutions. With his flexible attitude and ability to quickly absorb a lot of information, Matthijs quickly feels at home within any organization. In addition, his experiences in both advisory and executive roles have led Matthijs to quickly get to the heart of a problem and make decisions independently.

In his free time, Matthijs prefers to spend time with friends and family. In the tranquility of the Beemster he then keeps himself busy reading, cooking, playing field hockey and standing behind the barbecue.

Bachelor: Economics and Business Economics (Universiteit van Amsterdam)Master: Managerial Economics and Strategy (Universiteit van Amsterdam)