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Martijn Wissels

Martijn Wissels

Martijn has gained extensive experience in the financial sector over the past forty years. He integrated Fortis with ABN-AMRO, sat on the Executive Board of Achmea Bank, of SNS Bank (now Volksbank), and was Director of Group Risk SNS Reaal. He specialised in risk management issues.

Martijn is characterised by his calmness, substantive knowledge, and focus on people. He has solved complex issues within several organisations by getting to the bottom of the problems and gathering the right team around him. He can get the best out of a team and solve problems by giving trust and keeping calm in crises. At Boer & Croon, Martijn's duties include supervising change processes and an advisory role.

Besides work, Martijn can be found in nature. He enjoys hiking in the Dutch forests or through the French mountains. He also likes to cook, if possible, outside on the barbecue.

Education: Management Sciences, MBA (The University of Manchester)