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Marjolein van Mierlo

Marjolein van Mierlo

Marjolein is well acquainted with current issues within the healthcare sector from various perspectives. The transformation to appropriate care, increasing employee ownership and entrepreneurship, and the need for (and dilemmas in) regional cooperation. But also the renewal of the business model and its concretisation by entering into discussions with insurers on appropriate funding.

Her professional career virtually falls into three equal parts. As a management consultant in healthcare, she was formed in skills such as understanding and penetrating the 'why' of an issue, being a discussion partner at all levels, and reducing complex issues to structure and overview. As an internal consultant within the mental health care sector and in the hospital world, among others, she gained a lot of experience in the political force field in an organisation, in decision-making processes and dynamics within internal relationships. As a manager in the VVT, she learned to 'stand in the wind', and her decision-making skills and compass were strongly called upon.

In addition to her work, Marjolein enjoys getting involved socially. As a member of the youngest youth committee at the hockey club, at her three children's primary school, and as a coach on the sports field. She also enjoys traveling and running

Healthcare Management (Erasmus University), Health Sciences (Maastricht University), MBA Healthcare Management (Amsterdam Business School)