Associate Partner

Marcel Bruggers

Marcel Bruggers

"I work with clients to build the innovative capacity of the organization."

Marcel Bruggers is an Associate Partner at Boer&Croon. After graduating as a Civil Engineer from TU Delft, he specialized in innovation within the field of water and infrastructure. In the past 20 years, he has carried out assignments for knowledge institutes, market parties as well as (national) governments. Marcel is available for external advice on innovation strategy or an interim basis as head of innovation or strategic innovation advisor.

His approach is to deliver lasting impact, by working with clients to build the innovative capacity of team and organization. He ensures that the hygiene factors for innovation are in order, that the innovation process is in place, and, if desired, that the innovation team is trained accordingly.

He has developed and applied the Value Adding Innovation and Implementation process at companies including the Province of North Holland, Delft University of Technology, and the Municipality of Amsterdam.

This innovation process, with accompanying training, underlying formats, and manuals, is ideally suited for managers and asset owners in the (semi)public outdoor space, who want to successfully develop, implement and scale up innovations.

Education: Water Management (TU Delft)