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Marc Huijboom

Marc Huijboom

Marc is a highly experienced manager in the full spectrum of curative care and has a clear diagnostic profile within it. He always applies business principles, something that is not always obvious in healthcare. Time and again he tests: what was the business case? Why are we going to do this? How are we going to make this possible? Does it really meet the need of the market and can we keep it profitable?

After various managerial positions at the OLVG, Sint Maartenskliniek, and Haaglanden Medisch Centrum, among others, Marc started focusing on interim management, specializing mainly in setting up independent treatment centers, and on defusing crises. This has brought him into acute and intensive care, birth care, and transition of care in addition to diagnostics.

In addition to his work, Marc immerses himself in archaeology, particularly in his hometown on the Voorburg border, where the Romans roamed 1800 years ago.

Education: Healthcare Policy & Management (Erasmus University)