Manager Strategy & Transformation

Lara van Lierop

Lara van Lierop

Energetic | Connective | Analytical | Driven | Curious

Lara has gained experience at several organizations, including Tilburg University, HEMA, and NS. The common thread here is guiding transformations. Whatever the strategy or issue, Lara makes sure it is translated into an operational approach that everyone understands.

Lara is a positive and energetic person with an analytical mind. She is very curious, which makes her eager to understand people, organizations and complex issues. She gets energy from connecting with different people. In addition, she is a good listener, always willing to consider the perspectives of others.

Outside of Boer & Croon, Lara enjoys working with her sewing machine and crochet needles to create clothing and accessories. She also enjoys sports such as ice skating, skiing, surfing, running and pilates. A good book can also excite her immensely.