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Kees Slingerland

Kees Slingerland

Kees is an experienced and driven professional with a broad network within the public sector. Since 2015 he has been working as an independent entrepreneur, after seven years as manager Economy at the municipality of The Hague. In recent years he has worked in various roles (including program director, department manager, project leader, and organizational consultant) for governments, foundations, and educational institutions.

Kees is at his strongest as interim line manager of an existing board or as quartermaster of a new partnership. He has gained extensive experience in public sectors such as the economic, social, and educational fields. A common thread in his assignments is achieving optimal cooperation within the triple helix (government, education, and business). Kees is connecting, results-oriented, and has a strong administrative antenna.
In his spare time, Kees enjoys sports and making city trips with his family or friends.

Education: ALO (The Hague University) and Educational Sciences (Utrecht University).