Kees-Jan van Vliet

Kees-Jan van Vliet

Kees-Jan is an experienced risk manager, portfolio manager and consultant. After working for two years as CFO Advisory at Archstone Consulting, Kees-Jan moved on to pension administrator PGGM, where he held a variety of roles ranging from Risk Manager to Portfolio Manager and Consultant for over fourteen years.

Among other things, he participated here in the development and implementation of the CO2 reduction program of PGGM's equity portfolios. He has also supervised many asset transitions. He is proud of the reorganization he carried out towards a product-oriented management, which increased agility and steerability. The latter was a good basis for a project to prepare for the new pension contract, in which he had a leadership role. After the reorganization, he formed a team, which operates self-managing and is responsible for fiduciary administration, among other things. Another part of the team deals with relationship management, both commercial and operational. The team is ready for the future: Increasingly, processes are fully automated and/or taken over by RPAs.

After working hours, Kees-Jan is often in the open air for hiking, biking or water sports. He also likes to meet up with friends for drinks or dinner.

Education: Economics (Erasmus University), Investment Management (VU)

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