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Karin Waasdorp

Karin Waasdorp

is a highly experienced interim manager. Among other things, she has worked as statutory director of a large VVT organization. In addition, she was several times ultimately responsible for the realization of very complex politically sensitive public-private projects, in which stakeholder management and communication played an important role. An important client was Port of Amsterdam. Partly due to her efforts, the IJmuiden sea lock, the largest in the world, came about, crucial for the continuity of the strong position of the Port of Amsterdam. She also stood at the cradle of mergers, chain innovations, and major changes in working methods.
Karin can be deployed well in optimization projects and for other major necessary changes. She is a generalist with a keen eye for the underlying processes and achieving the agreed result. She also has extensive experience with project management in all aspects. As a manager, she always has ICT and Real Estate in her portfolio.

Karin distinguishes herself as a good analyst, but above all as someone who initiates necessary changes. She anticipates, steers, and takes decisions. She is very involved with the organizations she works for and can quickly oversee situations.

Education: Economics (University of Amsterdam)