Manager Public

Karen Loosman

Karen Loosman

Results-oriented | Creative | Entrepreneurial | Strategic | Connecting

Karen started as a Manager Public at Boer & Croon in January 2023. Before that, she worked as a Manager Payouts VFV at the UWV. At the UWV, she led the external claims team. This team grew from 20 to 65 people in just over a year. She also set up the change process for external claims to achieve improvements in efficiency, quality, and customer service. Previously, Karen worked as an advisor at a consultancy firm where she carried out various research and advisory assignments and temporary assignments for government organizations. In particular, she gained experience in digitalization and communication.

Karen comes up with and realizes new solutions for social and societal challenges with a lot of enthusiasm. She finds it important to achieve results as a team that makes a difference. Karen is ambitious in setting and achieving goals. At the same time, she also attaches great importance to doing this together with a lot of job satisfaction.

Karen likes to spend time with friends and family in her free time. Her hobbies are running, tennis, reading, and cooking.

Bachelor: Political Science (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Master: International Business Administration (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)