Young Executive

Joosje Heijmeijer

Joosje Heijmeijer

Driven | Goal-oriented | Empathetic | Analytical | Bridge builder

Joosje is driven and analytical. Empathetic and open by nature, she also enjoys working in complex and society/nature-oriented companies and organisations. Joosje derives meaning from contributing to meaningful impact, both for a company/organisation and for society as a whole.

Before her time at Boer & Croon, Joosje worked, among other things, at a small consultancy focused on complex societal challenges, such as municipal housing for migrant workers. Later, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she focused on strategic advice on multi-donor trust funds in conflict areas. Boer&Croon's Get it done mentality is what motivated Joosje to start working here.

Joosje volunteers for an international development organisation in her spare time, and guides walk on personal meaning and social regeneration. She also enjoys sports—from running to windsurfing—reading a book or being on the road, both inside and outside the Netherlands.

Bachelor: International Studies (Leiden University)
Master: International Public Management and Policy (Erasmus University)