Consultant Finance & Technology

Job Lagewaard

Job Lagewaard

Result oriented | Cooperative focus | Innovative | Inquisitive | Pro active

Job has a passion for big projects. In his work he quickly takes a deep dive in the subject-matter to learn and understand as many things as possible about any issue, and more importantly, about the solutions he can bring. His flexibility in ever changing situation and his focus on the end goal are a big help during his work. Job distinguishes himself with the pace he takes up new information and skills, his ability to look at problems form different angles to find creative solutions, and because he is inquisitive about both the subject-matter and the people he Is working with. His balanced work style ensures a thought trough and fast approach to get the best results. 

In his spare time, Job likes to go to the gym, sailing, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Bachelor: International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Master: Data Science & Marketing Analytics (Erasmus University Rotterdam), and Financial Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam)