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Jean-Paul Harteman

Jean-Paul Harteman

Jean-Paul is a pragmatic change manager, specialising in manufacturing and trading companies. He has a broad and international array of work experience in the supply chain, sales and production management, and business development. He is mostly concerned with reorganizations, restructurings, optimizations, turn-around management, supplier management, the efficiency of business units or product offerings, cost price reductions, and delivery time reduction.

Jean-Paul is a strategic thinker with a hands-on mentality, a keen eye for cultural differences, and is socially involved. He provides direction and inspires others to achieve joint success. In this manner, he always makes a positive contribution to the company's results.

Education: Technical Business Administration / Economics (Eindhoven University)



Everyone at Boer & Croon has a healthy dose of organisational know-how and excellent social skills. Proactive, interactive, and unifying. We also look out for one other at Boer & Croon. We are open, friendly, and engaged. We are a mix of proven experienced and impassioned top talent: your ideal sparring partner in business, but also real social movers and shakers. We love to tackle challenging issues, but we also love a party.

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