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Janneke van der Kruijs

Janneke van der Kruijs

Since 2002, Janneke has been active in various roles in healthcare. She has worked as director, advisor, program manager, project leader, and (board) supporter in various care sectors, including hospitals and care for the disabled. So she knows healthcare from the inside out. Janneke is extremely driven to contribute to good leadership in healthcare, based on the conviction that this is crucial for high-quality care for patients/clients.

Janneke has developed a keen eye for developments in healthcare and understands which people can best respond to them. For a sustainable future of healthcare, cooperation is of great importance, across the divisions of healthcare organizations and domains. This means that more than ever you need leaders who have the competence to work together. People who look from the outside in and are good at stakeholder management.

After work, Janneke spends a lot of time with friends and her family with three children. She also likes to play tennis and has been a beginning runner for ten years.

Education: Psychology (Utrecht); NIMA A+B; various (management) trainings.