Manager Healthcare

Iris Lodder

Iris Lodder

Iris is Manager Healthcare at Boer & Croon. Iris grew up in Brabant and lives in Amsterdam. She has had an interest in the healthcare sector from a young age, which led to her study choices. During her student years, she gained several experiences in student consulting and participated in a United Nations project to set up an initiative touching on Sustainable Development Goal ''Good Health''.

After graduation, she completed a management traineeship at the Groene Hart Hospital, with assignments ranging from setting up a multidisciplinary trauma unit to make trauma care better and more accessible to a consultancy assignment around a reorganization project to managing healthcare departments. After her traineeship, she was operational manager of the surgery complex for six months. Iris joined Boer & Croon because of her passion for healthcare and her drive to solve management issues for organizations in the healthcare sector.

In her free time, Iris enjoys the sun, being outdoors, sports, skiing or hiking in the mountains, cooking and travelling.

Bachelor: Health Sciences (Maastricht University)
Premaster: Business Administration (University of Amsterdam)
Master: Health Economics (Erasmus University)
Professional education: Health care strategy (Harvard Business School)