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Iris Lodder

Iris Lodder

Iris has a driven and enthusiastic attitude and gets excited by dynamic working environments and getting to the heart of complex problems. She is analytical and enjoys working together in an inspiring team. Iris is energised by making a positive difference, both for the company and for society as a whole. After graduating, she completed a management traineeship at the Groene Hart Hospital, with assignments ranging from setting up a multidisciplinary trauma unit to optimise trauma care to advising on a reorganisation process to managing care departments. After her traineeship, she was operations manager of the surgery complex.

Outside of her professional life, Iris is an active individual who enjoys engaging in sports, spending quality time with friends, exploring new places through travel, and embracing the outdoors whenever the sun graces the sky.

Bachelor: Health Sciences, Maastricht University
Premaster: Business Administration, University of Amsterdam
Master: Health Economics, Erasmus University