Ilonka Wahl

Ilonka Wahl

Ilonka is Manager of Healthcare, and as a veterinarian with a passion for process optimisation and management, she brings a fresh perspective and new perspectives.
She gained experience at a medical sector consulting firm, where she provided extensive financial, strategic, and operational advice. She has also completed a coaching course (NOBCO-certified), worked as a coach and trainer, and supervised and led change processes.

Ilonka likes structuring and solving problems best. Her analytical background, combined with her project management and coaching skills, enables her to enthuse people and guide them through change processes. Her entrepreneurial and result-oriented character ensures that she connects with the desired solutions.

In her spare time, Ilonka likes to be outdoors. She loves sailing with her boyfriend and can, therefore, be found on their sailing boat.

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (Utrecht University)
Minor Entrepreneurship (University of Amsterdam)
Master in Pet Medicine - minor in Governance and Policy (Utrecht University)