Young Executive

Guusje Elsen

Guusje Elsen

Enthusiastic | Goal-oriented | Passionate | Flexible

Guusje has had the opportunity to experience healthcare up close through her experience as a junior consultant at several nursing homes. This is where she gained a heart for healthcare. Her inquisitive nature makes sure to get to the core of a problem. Because of Guusje's enthusiasm, eye for people, and persuasive power, she can get everyone around her on board. She gets energy from new environments and picks up things quickly.

Besides work, Guusje enjoys the variety of a wide range of sports such as running, road cycling, and pilates, but is also in for a competitive game of cards or a walk in nature.

Bachelor: Media Studies (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)
Master: Theology and Religious Studies - Media specialization (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)