Senior Manager Public

Frank van de Wolde

Frank van de Wolde

Strategic | Open | Connective | Driven | Goal-oriented

Frank is a curious idealist who enjoys making an impact within complex environments. He does this by quickly and easily switching between strategy and practice. He seeks to connect with others through openness, sensitivity, and attention. Others describe him as a source of cheerful enthusiasm and as ultimately reliable. Diplomatic when necessary; direct when possible.

It is of value to Frank to engage socially within and outside his work and to develop himself broadly. Thus, Frank is involved in a number of organizations administratively. In addition, Frank is politically very active. Nationally, he is one of the driving forces behind closer cooperation between two political parties and is a candidate for the Senate.

Frank works at Boer & Croon as Senior Manager within the Public Solution. He has extensive experience in preparing and implementing strategic programs. In doing so, he has carried out assignments at both private and public parties such as Unilever, ING, Tilburg University, Curio, and the Haagse Hogeschool.

His passions are music, reading, and politics. When the weather is nice, Frank can be found with headphones and a book in Utrecht.

Bachelor's degree: International Business Administration
Master: Crisis and Security Management




Everyone at Boer & Croon has a healthy dose of organisational know-how and excellent social skills. Proactive, interactive, and unifying. We also look out for one other at Boer & Croon. We are open, friendly, and engaged. We are a mix of proven experienced and impassioned top talent: your ideal sparring partner in business, but also real social movers and shakers. We love to tackle challenging issues, but we also love a party.

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