Young Executive

Fleur Linders

Fleur Linders

started 1 June 2023 as a Young Executive at Boer & Croon. From a young age, Fleur has had an affinity with human behaviour, so studying Psychology was a perfect fit for her. In a board year at her association and an internship at Deloitte, among others, she gained practical experience in organisational structures and human behaviour within companies. She took the Master's in Social & Organisational Psychology to learn more about this. The combination of theoretical knowledge, practical experience and considerable life experience has convinced Fleur that the best results can be achieved through critical thinking and asking the right questions, with sincere attention for people.

Fleur is enthusiastic, driven and independent and prefers to take on the challenge of solving problems and creating change together with a team. She likes to work in a structured way to keep an overview in complex and unexpected situations. She finds connecting with the people around her very important and is a real connector.

In her spare time, she likes to be outdoors. During the year she runs or rides her racing bike, in summer she prefers walking or cycling through the Alps. She also enjoys visiting museums and spending time with her family and friends.

Bachelor: Psychology, Leiden University
Master: Social & Organizational Psychology, Leiden University