Director Business Unit Young Executive

Eva den Hartog

Eva den Hartog

After studying Strategic Human Resource Management, Eva de Hartog worked at ABN AMRO and Deloitte. After this, she joined the Transformation and Program Management Solution at Boer & Croon. Eva is a generalist and for a long time combined her work with top sport: she played field hockey as captain of Ladies 1 of Huizen (premier league). She takes many elements of top sport with her to business and vice versa. In both, you need perseverance, discipline, and a focus on results. Field hockey is a team sport, so it's all about achieving results together.

In recent years Eva has had the opportunity to supervise several Strategy & Transformation programs, in various sectors with various clients. She also has leadership experience with commercial affinity. In her current role as Director at Boer & Croon she is responsible for the Young Executives Business Unit.

Eva still enjoys sports, cooking with friends, and walking through her hometown Utrecht with her family after a busy day at work. She enjoys dedicating herself to SchuldenlabNL, a foundation striving for a debt-free Netherlands. From a committee, she also coaches a top sports team and top athletes in their transition to a job or helps them combine their sport with work.

Education: Strategic Human Resource Management (Utrecht University)