Partner - YESS International Consultants

Edith Koetsier

Edith has been a Partner at YESS since 2004. She is responsible for executive search, senior management roles in the commercial and digital domain. Due to her knowledge and experience, as a business economist, consultant at EY VODW and manager at Bertelsmann Group, she knows the dynamics of changing markets and the impact that an excellent team can have on the company's results. In recent years, she has built up a lot of experience in strengthening management teams, especially of medium-sized companies, which are facing a (digital) transition. She is also experienced in successfully guiding succession issues, within or outside the family.




Everyone at Boer & Croon has a healthy dose of organisational know-how and excellent social skills. Proactive, interactive, and unifying. We also look out for one other at Boer & Croon. We are open, friendly, and engaged. We are a mix of proven experienced and impassioned top talent: your ideal sparring partner in business, but also real social movers and shakers. We love to tackle challenging issues, but we also love a party.

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