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Dertje Meijer

Dertje Meijer

Dertje is a driven entrepreneur/manager with an eye for innovation, sustainability, and results. She prefers to work in an international, technical, complex environment and successfully organizes innovation and change. Because she is focused on the development of people and teams, she makes a difference in a changing environment, focusing on stakeholder management and customer communication on the one hand, and the other hand on optimization of internal business processes. For her, trust, inspiration, fun, and relatability go hand in hand with a demanding approach and perseverance.

Dertje worked for Fokker and Schiphol Airport, and was CEO of Port of Amsterdam and Pathé Nederland. Partly because of her efforts, the IJmuiden sea lock, the largest in the world, came about, crucial for the continuity of the strong position of the Amsterdam port.

Education: Business Administration (University of Groningen)