Manager Public

Barbara van der Breggen

Barbara van der Breggen

Sensitive - Networker - Decisive - Result-oriented 

Don't rant but brush or as they say in Groningen: nait soezen, moar deurbroezen. That's how you can describe Barbara. A down-to-earth person from Groningen, now living in the Rotterdam area, who knows how to get things done and who looks at society from a people-oriented point of view. 

As Manager Public she knows how to quickly master processes and organizational structures at various levels with her sharp analytical eye. She is positively critical and connects by creating an open atmosphere in order to achieve concrete results together. 

Barbara prefers to spend her free time outdoors; cooking on the barbecue, camping or hiking. 

Bachelor: Sociology 
Master: Sociology, with a specialization in health, care, and welfare.