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Anne van Herwijnen

Anne van Herwijnen

Connector - persuasive - result-oriented - intuitive

Anne van Herwijnen focuses on recruiting and selecting (interim) directors and executives for life sciences and the healthcare sector.

Anne has a background in sales and marketing within life sciences. She has a commercial attitude with a strong focus on the people within a team. Because of her sincere interest in people, she can find the right leader, who cannot only develop a vision but can also carry it out. A leader who can motivate those around him or her provides connection, safety, and trust within the team. And who ensures that people have the right tools to do their jobs well.

She pays close attention to diversity and inclusiveness. This includes not only the male-female ratio within the organization but also different cultures, educational backgrounds, and generations. After all, with only like-minded people on the board, little discussion occurs. And without discussion, the scope for change and improvement is limited.

In addition to her work, Anne reads a lot. She enjoys listening to other people's stories and loves eating and drinking in good company.

Education: HBOV (Hogeschool Leiden)




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