Young Executive

Maaike Bijma

Maaike Bijma

Ambitious | Curious | Flexible | Result-oriented | Proactive

Maaike started as a Young Executive at Boer & Croon in May 2024. She is an enthusiastic, results-oriented change agent who is always curious about client needs. With her approachable and positive attitude, she builds effective collaborations and always achieves optimal results. Maaike is a structured yet flexible worker who does not let herself get out of the field easily. She grounds herself well in diverse working environments with different teams and often takes on a role as a connecting factor.

Maaike's decision to join Boer & Croon, particularly as a Young Executive, was fueled by her unwavering ambition for both professional and personal growth. Her enthusiasm for continuous learning and her eagerness to seize every opportunity are key drivers in her career.

In her free time, Maaike prefers to be found on the (Frisian) waters and then have dinner with friends and family. She also gets energy from running and enjoys discovering Amsterdam more and more that way.

Bachelor: Business Administration, Hanzehogeschool
Pre-Master: Change Management, University of Groningen
Master: Change Management, University of Groningen