Consultant Finance & Technology

Bruno van Nauta Lemke

Bruno van Nauta Lemke

Bruno is a Finance and Technology consultant who has completed two master's degrees, including Financial Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Management Consulting at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In addition to his studies, he completed two internships at ABN AMRO and ING. He participated in the Financial Study Association Amsterdam annual research project, constructing a consulting project in Kenya.

What characterizes Bruno is his analytical ability, enthusiastic attitude, and perseverance. This enables him to quickly arrive at new insights and effectively communicate them to others. Furthermore, his approach is structured while remaining flexible, allowing him to both create and maintain order in a constantly changing environment. All of this makes him well-equipped to tackle complex challenges. Additionally, he thrives on working in a team, achieving common goals together, and is always up for a challenge.

In his spare time, Bruno likes to go to the gym, play tennis, salsa dance, and explore new cities and places.

Bachelor's Degree: Economics and Business Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Master's Degree: Financial Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Master's Degree: Management Consulting (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)