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Diederick van Mierlo

Diederick van Mierlo

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Turn around restructering solution

We drive change and involve everyone. Because when everyone understands the urgency and understands that things have to change and why, change really comes from within. Our Turn-around & Restructuring community has been formed to pool quality and experience and guide organisation-wide change.

Boer & Croon has an extensive track record of significant restructurings, high-profile rescue operations, and smaller projects at industrial companies, service providers, and not-for-profit organisations. We get it done!

When everyone understands what needs to be changed and why, then change really comes from inside out. This is the only way to achieve long-lasting results.

Diederick van Mierlo, partner Boer & Croon

Associate partners

Our Turn-around & Restructuring community comprises associate partners, experienced directors and change managers exclusively associated with Boer & Croon. Our experienced managers and directors can fill the role of CEO/CRO/CFO/change manager for the following issues:

  • Implementation and supervision of reorganisations/restructurings;
  • Recovery and recovery projects;
  • Financing and refinancing issues;
  • Guidance on sale of parts/company;
  • Legal support of, i.a., resale and pre-pack constructions;
  • Restoring confidence with financiers/banks;
  • Where necessary, we collaborate with strategy consultants, insolvency lawyers, M&A advisers, accountants and other specialists.
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